upload photo

Photo Requirements

  • Please note that only the following format is allowed for upload:
  • Your photo cannot exceed 1MB

Safety Copy and User Agreement

What to keep in mind when uploading photos:
  • Photos may not display full names, school names, cities, street names, phone numbers, or email addresses
  • Make sure you clothes do not have logos on them.
  • Always make and keep your own backup copy of your photo. We can't return any photos that have been submitted!
Do I have to register to upload photos?
In order to upload photos to iCarly.com, you gotta have an iCarly user name and password. You also have to enter your parent's email address so we can let them know you've uploaded a photo. Here's how it works: You create an account on iCarly. When you upload a photo, we'll ask you for your parent's email address. Then, we send your parent an email with a link to look at your photo and your parent can choose "accept" or "reject." Only AFTER your parent approves your photo can we even look at it. If we love it, we may show it on iCarly.com or include it in our web show.
How many photos can I upload to iCarly.com?
You can upload one photo at a time, but you can come back (and upload MORE photos) as often as you like! Just please don't submit the same photo twice.
How big can my photo be in file size?
Your photo should be less than 1MB.
What kind of image files can I upload to iCarly.com?
You can upload .jpg files to iCarly.com.
  • Make sure it doesn't look too dark or too bright.
  • Make sure the light makes your face look good and clear.
  • Using the automatic flash on your camera will help keep your photo from being blurry -- but if your flash is TOO close, it can make your face too bright.
  • Make sure your pics look good to you BEFORE you send them to us.
    • download form for submitter
    • download this form for each
      person besides you in photo
You must fill out these forms, have your parent sign them, and include them in your package. If you do not include the forms, we will return your video without watching it.