upload video

Video Requirements

  • You can upload any of these formats:
    .3gp, .3g2, .asf, .avi, .dv, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mpg, .mpg2, .mpeg, .mpeg2, .mpeg4, .mp4, .qt, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, or .wma.
  • Your video size cannot exceed 50MB

Safety Copy and User Agreement

What to keep in mind when uploading videos:
  • Videos may not include full names, school names, cities, street names, phone numbers, or email addresses
  • Videos may not include logos on clothing
  • Videos may not include music. If you are using music for dancing, do not talk over the music.
Do I have to register to upload videos?
In order to upload videos to iCarly.com, you gotta have an iCarly user name. You also have to enter your parent's email address so we can let them know you've uploaded a video. Here's how it works: You create an account on iCarly. When you upload video, we'll ask you for your parent's email address. Then, we'll send your parent an email with a link to watch your video, and your parent can choose "accept" or "reject." Only AFTER your parent approves your video can we even watch it. If we love it, we might show it on iCarly.com or include it in our web show.
How many videos can I upload to iCarly.com?
You can upload one video at a time, but you can come back (and upload more videos) as often as you like! Just please don't submit the same video twice.

And remember, your parent and we have to approve each video before they go on iCarly.com or on our web show. So don't waste your time uploading stuff you know will never be approved by your parents and us! Also: DON'T give us your personal information in your video (last name, street address, school, phone numbers, or email addresses), don't wear clothes with brand logos, don't have music playing in background, don't use bad language, and don't do anything dangerous!!!
How long can my video be?
We suggest that you keep your video under 5 minutes. The longer your video is, the harder it is for the computer to compress it, and the worse it will look on iCarly. Anyway, who wants to watch a long video online? Keep it under 5 -- for sure!
What format does my video have to be in?
If you are uploading video online, your video has to be in one of the following formats: .3gp, .32g, .asf, .avi, .dv, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mpg, .mpg2, .mpeg, .mpeg2, .mpeg4, .mp4, .qt, .wmv, .asf, .mp3, .wav, or .wma.

If you are sending us a video in the mail, please make sure your video is on a DV tape, a mini-DV tape, a VHS tape, a data CD or data DVD (as a digital file, such as QuickTime or .AVI).
Which video format will look best?
Typically any video shot on DV or mini-DV will look better than video shot on a phone or a digital camera.
How long does it take to upload video?
The length of time it takes to upload a video depends on your computer's connection speed and the size of your video. With a high-speed Internet connection, videos generally take between 1 and 5 minutes to upload (per megabyte). But the speed is different for every computer, depending on connection speed -- so this is just a guess.
  • Don't say or do anything bad (nothing mean, no bad words).
  • Don't say or show full names, school names, cities, street names, phone numbers, or email addresses in your video.
  • Try to keep your video shorter than 5 minutes.
  • Watch your video before you send it to us! Make sure it looks and sounds good. If it doesn't, try again and make it better.
    • download form for submitter
    • download this form for each
      person besides you in video
You must fill out these forms, have your parent sign them, and include them in your package. If you do not include the forms, we will return your video without watching it.