My First Kiss

Hey, it's me, Spencer. You know... the guy who takes trash from the junkyard and turns it into totally awesome stuff. Well, speaking of trash, I thought I'd tell you all about MY first kiss. Not that the girl was trashy or anything, BUT her mom WAS our garbage lady. BTW, her mom was really cool 'cuz she would always let me jump in the truck and pull stuff out for my sculptures.

Oh yeah... the kiss. Everyone is talking about first kisses lately -- WEIRD. So here's my story:

One fine "Bring Your Kid to Work Day," I met our garbage lady's pretty daughter, Becky O'Brien. She was riding on the back of the garbage truck, wind blowing through her hair... It was like a fairy tale -- except for the horrible smell (of garbage). Next thing I knew, Becky hopped off the truck and headed straight for me. Before I could introduce myself, she grabbed the sculpture I was spray-painting and tried to throw it in the garbage trunk. In her defense, IT WAS a sculpture of a trash can. We fought for a minute or two, then she punched me in the face and ran away with my sculpture. I never saw her or my sculpture again. Oh, wait... I guess I never actually did kiss her. Well, I remember really wanting to... Oh, well.

Good night and good luck.

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