Victorious Crashes iCarly

  • Whenever we leave the door to the studio unlocked, people from Victorious always sneak in. We need to invest in an alarm or something.

  • Gibby and Cat can never date! They're on completely different shows! The TV universe would explode! Then what would we watch??

  • Gibby's considering one of two careers: King of America or a bounce house operator. One seems slightly more doable than the other.

  • Tori's sister Trina takes every opportunity to be in front of a camera. After she leaves here, she's gonna try to get on one of those divorce court shows.

  • Rex brought 3 personal assistants with him to iCarly: one to bring him coffee, one to massage his earlobes, and one to continually kick Robbie in the shin.

  • We had to thoroughly disinfect our studio after the sickly cheerleaders left. The last thing we need is to get some sort of Victorious virus.

  • Sam's mom borrowed Cat's outfit. Let's just say it was a little more snug on Sam's mom... and it might have ripped in a few embarrassing places.

  • Robbie knows this picture can get up to "five stars." He said he's simply shooting for 2 1/2. He's always been a very average guy.

  • What's going on here? Yeah... like we'd just tell you that. Ya gotta keep watching the iCarly Extras to find out!