New Year Improvements

  • Next year Freddie won't accidentally buy the same purse as his mom. And yes it IS a purse, no matter how many times he tells us it's not.

  • From now on, we'll be sure to have more participants BEFORE forming a Conga line. A 4-person Conga just looks sad and awkward.

  • Gibby didn't like to leave his house until the hair on his REAL head looked better than his hair on his FAKE head. Sometimes that took hours.

  • Next year we won't forget to unharness Gibby when we leave to go to the movies. We never want to clean up that mess ever again!

  • After this scary experience, Gibby vowed never to get another replica of his head made. But... if we get a good offer from a foreign family, we might sell it anyway.

  • Sam is disappointed how her homemade back-scratcher turned out. She's gonna improve it by making the nails a lot longer and pointier.

  • It looks like Lewbert is trying to kiss Sam on the cheek, but he's really just trying to give her the Lew-Flu, which is what he named his sickness.

  • Spencer vowed not to accidentally start any more fires in 2013. We give him till breakfast time on New Year's Day.

  • And now, we give you our ultimate mistake of 2012… The Floors. We hope Freddie and Gibby have learned to stay far away from musical instruments.

  • Just kidding… THIS was the ultimate iCarly disaster of 2012. We wish we could erase everything involving these pants from our memories.